Audio Podcasts:

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100 Watts and a Wire (USA): Christian K0STH
This is a program celebrating amateur radio through the eyes of a new ham. The show features topical conversation and interviews, news and an entertaining look at the adventures of a ham trying to figure it all out. 100 Watts and a Wire ® is perfect for those who are new to ham radio, their Elmer’s, the seasoned radio operator and the technically curious crowd. This is produced weekly on Tuesdays.

Amateur Radio Newsline (USA): Don AE5DW
This claims to Amateur Radio’s oldest independent news service. Newsline is produced weekly on Fridays.

ICQ Podcast (UK): Martin M1IRB, Colin M6BOY and others
The ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast is a free fortnightly radio talk style podcast for amateur / ham radio operators by amateur / ham radio operators. Each episode we review the current news, discuss a technical feature and the hobby in general, and hear from our many listeners from around the world. This podcast is produced on alternate Sundays.

Solder Smoke (USA): Bill N2CQR and Pete N6QW
This podcast describes itself as “Global adventures in wireless electronics” and is produced roughly once every two months.

Everything Ham Radio (USA): Curtis K5CLM
This podcast is very oriented towards the newer ham, describing and exploring many different aspects of the hobby. Episodes are produced weekly on Thursdays.

QSO Today (Israel): Eric 4Z1UG
Meet the most interesting Ham Radio Operators: One on one interviews with the most interesting “hams” or amateur radio operators. Episodes are produced weekly on Sundays.

ARRL – The Doctor is In (USA): Steve WB8IMY and Joel W1ZR
A bi-weekly podcast addressing some common and not-so-common technical issues in Amateur Radio.

ARRL – Audio News (USA): Sean KX9X and Carla Pereira
ARRL Audio News is a weekly compilation of news stories from the ARRL Letter. This is produced weekly on Fridays.

Ham Radio 360 / The Workbench (USA): Cale K4CDN / George KJ6VU and Jeremy KF7IJZ
Ham Radio 360 is an interview-format show oriented towards newer hams. The Workbench is a discussion of technical aspects of Amateur radio. Both operate from the same site, with the two shows producing episodes on alternate Tuesdays.

Ham Talk Live! (USA): Neil WB9VPG
A call-in show with a featured interview. You can listen live and join in at 10pm Atlantic Time Thursdays and hear the Podcast version on Fridays.

Newswest (Australia):
News from the Western Australia Division of the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA). This is produced weekly on Sundays.

Foundations of Amateur Radio (Australia): Onno VK6FLAB
Starting in the wonderful hobby of Amateur or HAM Radio can be daunting and challenging but can be very rewarding. Every week the presenter looks at a different aspect of the hobby, how you might fit in and get the very best from the 1000 hobbies that Amateur Radio represents. Episodes are produced weekly on Sundays.