Members of our Club who participated in Hallowe’een Patrol – 2010 were treated to a “Pizza Luncheon” sponsored by the Fredericton Police Force on November 22, 2010


Front Row, Left to Right – Gordon (VE9GB), Art (VE1BED), Dana (VE9DOR) and Laurie (VE9IBM)
Back Row, Left to Right – S.Sgt. Kim Quartermain, Gary (VE9AI), Jonathon (VE9JTD), Dave (VE9AV), Al VE1AKT), Frank (VE1VN), Sterling (VE9SK) and Vern (VE9VS)

Hallowe’en night participates who were unable to attend the luncheon were; Art (VE9BP), Heath (VE9NHS) Wayne (VE9WFS, Paul (VE1AIN), Don (VE9SH) and John (VE9JVA)