Brent Works Space Station

Brent Taylor, VY2HF (formerly VE1JH of Doaktown) has added another to his long list of ham radio accomplishments. He has worked Richard Garriott who is on board the ISS. Garriott is the $30,000,000 “space tourist” and computer-game magnate; and son of Owen Garriott, who was the first ham in space (1984). Here is Brent’s account of his latest “conquest”:

“I worked Richard first on 21 October 2008 on the 0814 ADT time pass. I was mobile in downtown Charlottetown on my way to work with my 5W Alinco H/T barefoot and my 1/4-wave mag-mount on the car. That was a very quick 2-way exchange and was not recorded. I believe I was the last North American to work him on that pass.
The next day, 22 October 2008, I was better set up. It was early in the morning and I was still at home. I checked the pass times and noted a pass upcoming at around 0700. I went out to my back yard with the Alinco H/T and my handheld “Arrow” beam, and wore my MP3 player/recorder around my neck, set for “voice record” mode. I waved the antenna in the direction of the ascending node azimuth (basically, almost due south for that pass) and waited for the station to become audible – hoping he was on phone this orbit.
He came into range very quickly and was full scale on the S-meter for most of the pass. I waited for a good opportunity to drop my call in to the pileup that he must have been hearing, and after a few attempts I bagged him. I used “Prince Edward Island” at the end of my call in the event it would allow me to “tail-end” a bit and give him some audio he could grab at the end of the pileup. It worked!
The rest is on the MP3 recording. It was very brief and left no time to small talk, of course. He worked a W2 immediately after me, which I thought was really neat. I have worked the Station many times, but almost always when it is over Newfoundland and away from the American big guns. So to get a good QSO using QRP when he was still in range of 2-land was pretty cool.
Brent, VY2HF (ex-VE1JH)
Stratford, PEI “

If you would like to hear the QSO, just click on the link below. Listen to the full recording (it’s a little over 1 minute in length) as Brent’s QSO is near the end.

Click Here to Listen to NA1SS/VY2HF QSO